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Actor Park Hae-il will be a special guest at the 21st edition of the Florence Korea Film Fest

This will be the star of South Korean cinema Park Hae-ilinterpreter of more than 50 films and TV series and known to the general public for the blockbuster success of the film The host by Bong Joon-ho, the special guest of the 21st edition of Florence Korea Film Festthe most important Italian festival dedicated to the best of contemporary South Korean cinematography, scheduled in Florence from 30 March to 7 April 2023.

Park Hae-il he began appearing in theater productions from his childhood, and first established himself on the stage rather than the screen. Throughout his career, the actor has mainly played two different types of roles: male characters with innocent looks, or men who hide a dark streak behind their good looks. One of the most well-known roles to the general public is surely the darkest of all, especially one of recognized success. Memories of a Murderer Of Bong Joon Hoin which he played a man suspected of committing a series of brutal murders.

A tribute will be dedicated to the actor, born in 1977, with a selection of 7 films that best characterize his artistic career: from the beginning of Waikiki Brothers (2001) a Jealousy Is My Middle Name (2003) which saw him gain the attention of the film industry. The festival tracks his career by performing then My mother, The mermaid (2004) a romantic time travel drama in which he stars with Jeon Do-yeon (recently seen on Nest of vipers); yellow horror Murdered Paradise (2007); Eungyo (2012) also known by the title To the Musesa romantic/erotic film adaptation of the novel Eun-gyo by writer Park Bum-shin in which he received critical acclaim for his role as the old poet.

The program also includes Song Hae-sung’s ensemble black comedy Boomerang Family (2013) to the more recent Hitchcockian-tinged noir of Park Chanwookawarded as best director at the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival Decision to leave where he plays the detective who falls in love with the prime suspect.

The festival will present a varied program full of films: it will start with the Italian premiere of Hansan: Rising Dragona war blockbuster directed by Kim Han-minto be seen in theaters, the historic battle of Hansan Island, the second in Kim’s trilogy of battles led by Yi Sun-sin, which began with the 2014 film “The Admiral: Roaring Current”. Among the interpreters, also the special guest of this edition Park Hae-ilas Admiral Joseon Yi Sun-sin.

To close the review, Friday 7 April, Life is beautiful a straightforward musical road movie Choi Kook-hee, also a guest in the hall, in the story of Oh Se Yeon (Yum Jung-ah), who makes a strange request to her husband as a birthday present: to find her first love from school days again. Her husband Kang Jin-bong (Ryu Seung-ryong) reluctantly joins her on this journey full of life and music.

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