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Minus 75 kg: how I lost weight by learning to cook healthy alternatives to fast food

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Many people are not ready to part with their favorite products, and therefore do not get rid of extra pounds. But for most dishes you can find healthy options, as our heroine did.

“I am 28 years old, I work as an information security specialist. After the weight passed the 160 kilogram scale, I realized that I couldn’t enjoy life like before and decided to make some serious changes.

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My story

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Weight problems started in adolescence, but up to a point it didn’t bother me. Once, my mother and my sister invited me to climb a mountain that even retired people were able to overcome. At one point, I had to do a little pull-up on my hands, and everyone in front of me handled it with no problem. I had to spend a few minutes, everything went well, but I was very upset with my physical form.

how things have changed

A week later, I started to change my life. I was aware that I ate too much and often, that everything went into my mouth, mainly junk food. When I calculated the average number of calories, I was horrified. This is where it should have started.

I resolutely went to the kitchen and threw away all harmful products. At the same time, I fully understood that I had to leave a loophole in the diet for what I really like, but that’s generally forbidden.


I practiced buying whole grain bread instead of regular bread and brown rice instead of white, and started cooking low carb recipes. I also mastered homemade pizza, which turned out to be no worse than restaurant pizza, but much more useful.

What am I eating now

Breakfast: light yogurt, cheese, protein shake.

Lunch: scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon or chicken, fruit.

Dinner: beef with rice or homemade pizza.

Snacks: protein bars, cheese, vegetable sticks.

My workouts

I was embarrassed to go to the gym, so I bought an elliptical trainer and started working out a bit at home. As a child, I had knee operations, so many exercises that I can’t do.

A few months later, I started bodybuilding. and I really liked it. And then she started running. In general, over time, sport has become an important part of my life, while I never forced myself.

What helped me

I realized that I needed to lose a lot of pounds, but it won’t happen overnight. I was helped by small goals, the achievement of which I always noted. And it became an incentive to new achievements!

I was actively supported by relatives and friends who never pointed out that I was overweight. Having learned about the desire to lose weight, they did everything so that I could achieve it.

Finally, healthy alternatives to unhealthy foods have helped me, so that unfortunately I don’t have to forget my love for the same pizza forever. And 75 kilos left and never came back!

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Source: The Voice Mag

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