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Aline Campos and Jesus Luz adopt a dog while traveling, but the animal already had an owner

The couple adopted a pet while traveling. The puppy has already been returned to its original family

Shortly after they got back together, Aline Campos AND Jesus Light adopted a puppy during a trip to Minas Gerais last week. What the couple didn’t know is that the the pet already had another owner.

He explained it on Monday 27 in her Instagram What Happyname given by the two, in fact, is called Pandora. The animal is already with its original family, who work where the couple stayed.

“Speaking of the dog, Happy, many are direct messaging, asking me if I found her, if not I will adopt her. Happy’s name is Pandora, and she is the daughter of Carol, one of Fred’s employees, on the farm,” he said in stories.

Aline claims that the employee even suggested that her daughter let her adopt the puppy and bring her from time to time to see her. “The little daughter, of course, did not allow this. I understand her a lot,” she said.

“Happy, who is actually Pandora, is in good hands, has family. Every time I go there, I’ll ask Carol to take Pandora/Happy to stay there for a while and show you around. Don’t worry, because everything is fine,” concluded Aline.

Source: Terra

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