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The former Globe reveals family bias for dating a man 18 years her junior

The actress revealed that the family doesn’t accept the age difference between the two

The actress Priscilla Solaged 42, has been dating for eight months with Marcellus Rossi, who is 24 years old, i.e. 18 years younger than her. Magazine Whorevealed that he faces the bias of your family with the relationshipas his mother does not accept the age difference between the two.

The former Globo actress said that there is no such prejudice on the street and that no one looks at her differently. “Sometimes they think we’re the same age. I’m a woman who doesn’t look my age, but what if I did? Would it be okay to date a younger guy? She makes me very happy,” she said.

Priscila has a son, Vitor Abate, 19, who is also not doing well with his mother’s relationship. This whole barrier has been “challenging” for her, but she says she can’t meet everyone’s expectations.

“I’m coping, working. My mother doesn’t accept. It’s important to say. My mother is the greatest love of my life, but the one who teases me the most. My mother doesn’t talk to him, she doesn’t interact. My son, who is also my best friend. He says, “I can’t do it.” Today I’m fine, but I’ve been in pain for three months. I realized that if I’m going through all of this, I have to learn something,” she confesses.

Source: Terra

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