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“What if the Earth was not round? » : Muceniece, Loza and other « obscurantists » and « flat earthlings » among the stars

The earth is round and revolves around the sun. We all seem to have learned this in school. But some stars question the well-known facts…

Flat Earth, chemtrails and other amazing stories.

Agata Mutsenietse

In an interview, the actress suddenly doubted that the Earth was round. Talking about dreaming of being cast in the movie ‘Challenge’, part of which was shot on the ISS, Muceniece admitted:

“I really want to go into space, see if the Earth is really round. So what?

As you know, the role was eventually given to Yulia Peresild and Muceniece’s candidacy was not considered due to her European passport.


Yuri Loza

The real champion of conspiracy theories is singer and songwriter Yuri Loza. What else he sang except for the song “The Raft” no one will immediately tell, but Vine’s outlandish quotes that the Earth is flat and the Sun is a lantern are immediately at the top of the rankings of Internet games.

“We see phenomena that are impossible on a spherical earth. The river cannot flow over the ball,” Loza argued.

Katya Lel

The singer doesn’t question the shape of the Earth, but she does believe in extraterrestrials. And she assures everyone that she has even contacted aliens. Acquaintance did not pass without loss for the performer of the hit “Musi-Pusi” – Lel complained that the “little green men” stole her teeth. There’s no way to figure it out without Mulder and Scully…

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Kylie Jenner

Sister Kim Kardashian once talked about chemtrails. According to this theory, the government sprays harmful substances using passenger planes, which are biological weapons directed against the population. Kylie invited her subscribers to think about it.

“Why did I see 75 planes spray something white in the 15 minute commute to work? Who pays and why? Are they trying to destroy something? Me? Does it have something to do with the sudden death of honey bees? Jenner wrote on her blog at the time.

Millie Bobby Brown

When Millie Bobby Brown was 14, during one of the live broadcasts on the social network, she said she believed in the theory of a flat Earth. The Stranger Things star noted that there is plenty of evidence for this theory and also advised followers to think about it. However, in 2022, Millie admitted that she had revised her view and no longer believed in this theory. Although she jokingly admitted that she was still a little skeptical.

“I’ve never seen… You know, when you’re on a plane, sometimes you see that the horizon is a curve? But I haven’t seen that yet,” the actress admitted.

Thomas Dolby

The English singer became famous in the 1980s with the song She Blinded Me with Science (“He blinded me with science”), but he himself does not seem to believe much in this very science. Otherwise, why would he call one of his albums The Flat Earth. The record was released in 1984 and is considered the beginning of the creation of the Flat Earth Society. Its founder Daniel Shenton admitted that it was the Dolby album that inspired him to start exploring this subject. By the way, in 2009, Shenton offered Dolby a membership card numbered # 00001 in the newly created community of “flat earthers” and the musician accepted it. However, he himself never expressed himself on this particular subject and, perhaps, he did so out of politeness.

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Source: The Voice Mag

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