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The singer lost his success, appeared on Globo to survive and was snubbed

Markinhos Moura faced the worst side of fame after singing one of the biggest romantic hits of the 80s

“Conscience laughs at the lies of fame,” wrote the Roman poet Ovid more than 2,000 years ago. His reflection is more current than ever.

Fame creates illusions: success will be eternal, all friendships are true, money will never run out, there will never be humiliation.

One of MPB’s most popular singers experienced stardom and the reality shock of decadence.

Anyone who lived through the 80s and 90s remembers the lyrics of ‘Meu Mel’, one of the great hits of that period.

The chorus hits and stays: “My darling, don’t say goodbye / I’m so scared / To be without your love / And to be forever one.”

In poetic license, we can consider fame as the honey tasted by Markinhos. He has played all the time on the radio, has sold thousands of records, has been challenged by television programs such as “Cassino do Chacrinha” and has also performed abroad.

But, as with so many celebrities of that time, he failed to score any more hit songs.

The progressive exhaustion of success meant that ‘Meu Mel’ became a sort of prophecy for its interpreter: he ended up practically alone.

No fame, no money, no record industry support, no TV space, no sycophants of most friends.

He revealed that he didn’t make as much money as the public imagined. He even managed to buy a property.

A few years ago, articles put him back in the spotlight for an unwelcome reason: ‘Markinhos Moura is in trouble’, the headlines said.

He was unable to pay rent, health insurance, purchase medicine for continued use, help support relatives in the Northeast.

The overexposure in the press, while it may have been vexatious, served to help the singer. He got some jobs that ensured him a dignified survival.

Recently, while participating in “Manhã do Ronnie”, on RedeTV!, Markinhos Moura revealed to Ronnie Von the abandonment he suffered when he lost his status.

“The dozens of friends who frequented the evenings I had at my house for aperitifs disappeared as soon as they saw that I no longer had a record label”.

He recounted a sad situation experienced in the backstage of the TV: “I have to do extra work on Globo to survive”. “What the hell, Markinhos!” Ronnie reacted, incredulous.

“There were well-known people who stood beside me in these figurations and didn’t look at me,” the artist said.

Today, aged 60, he performs in traditional venues, such as Bar Brahma, and new establishments, such as the Mooca Music Hall, as well as acting.

Television attractions invited him back. This year he participated in Serginho Groisman’s ‘Altas Horas’, in ‘Programa da Eliana’ and used ‘Meu Mel’ in the program on ‘Big Brother Brasil 23’ on Multishow.

Most of the celebrities affected by decadence have not been so lucky to reemerge. They remain ostracized. Many others, unfortunately, died in complete oblivion.

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“I ended up doing extras to survive after the success,” reveals Marinhos Moura

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