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Shake-style fashion: what distinguished the “Arab Kate Middleton” when she married the Crown Prince of Jordan

On June 1, the royal wedding of the year took place in Jordan – the crown prince, son of Queen Rania and King Abdullah II, married the daughter of a Saudi billionaire, Rajwa Al-Saif. The wedding turned out to be really luxurious, and the bride did everything to make her image memorable for everyone – and between tradition and fashion trends, she chose the latter.

Rajva walked down the aisle in a stunningly beautiful white Elie Saab dress with an embroidered train. However, it was not so much the outfit that caught the eye as the choice of shoes. Instead of classic pumps, the crown prince’s bride chose ballet flats – and refused heels.

Such a “fashionable move”, however, has every reason. After all, flat shoes are now at the forefront of fashion, and the stars do not hesitate to parade on the red carpet in ballerinas and even in slippers! Remember the images of Irina Shayk at the Met Gala and Jennifer Lawrence at the Cannes Film Festival. So Rajwa is on the right fashion track. Rania’s sister-in-law proved that timeless royal elegance and fashionable trends can go hand in hand.


Well, we will definitely discuss the images of Rajva – it’s not for nothing that she is called the “Arab Kate Middleton”, comparing not only the similar type of two future queens, but also their ability to always look elegant and tasteful.

By the way, this harmless violation of the traditional image of marriage was certainly appreciated by Queen Rania, because at her own wedding she herself broke the rules. When she married Abdullah II in 1993, she chose not to wear a tiara. Although this small gesture may seem insignificant, it was actually a powerful statement of her values.

Rania did not come from a titled family and she had no family jewels. Tradition dictates that the royal bride wears her family’s jewelery at the wedding and, after the wedding, switches to jewelery from the royal collection. Of course, the groom’s family can always borrow the tiara (as, for example, happened in the case of Meghan Markle), but, of course, Rania refused this – and not by accident. Since becoming queen, Rania has become a champion of social tolerance and works diligently to spread the message of equality and compassion.

Knowing such an act from her mother-in-law, Rajva might also try to encrypt the message in her outfit. Its true meaning, as in the case of Rania, may be revealed later. But it can be assumed that by choosing flat shoes, the crown prince’s bride wanted to show that she stands firmly on the ground, will not land, despite her wealth and origin, and will continue to translate the ideas of Rania in the world.

However, there is in such a stylization the most ordinary practicality. And it’s not so much that the new Princess of Jordan wanted to spare her legs – in heels she would simply be clearly taller than her fiancé.

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Source: The Voice Mag

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