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Behind the scenes of happiness’Abdullah and Rania: Secrets and Tragedies of the Jordanian Royal Family

The Jordanian royal couple still have the’looking happy and serene. It seems that King Abdullah II is in love with his beautiful Rania as a young bride – although their children have already grown up and the eldest even have families of their own. But if you learn more about the past d’Abdullah, you will understand why he values ​​his personal island of calm and tender relationship with his wife and heirs so much.

In March 2023, Princess Iman, 26, the eldest daughter of Rania and Abdallah, married her chosen one, financier Jamil Alexander Termiotis. And on June 1, 28-year-old Crown Prince Hussein married his chosen one, the daughter of’a multi-millionaire and aristocrat Rajwa Al Saif.

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Queen Rania, 52, and King Abdullah, 61, n’did not hide their joy: they fully approved of their children’s chosen ones. Representatives of the world elites attended two luxurious weddings, and the outfits of the brides set the trends of the season.

But not always in the corridors of the rulers of the Jordan sounded joyful and sincere laughter. I’history of this family is marked by a series of tragic blows – here are some of them.


Attempt to’assassination, schizphrenia and the throne of the Hashemite Kingdom

On July 20, 1951, 69-year-old King Abdullah I was shot dead on the steps of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Accompanied by his 15-year-old grandson Hussein and bodyguards, he came to pray at the grave of his father, who was expelled from’Saudi Arabia, and was shot dead by a 21-year-old local tailor, apparently a religious fanatic.

Abdullah I arrived in Jerusalem to conclude peace agreements with Israel. This decision had many opponents and, as a result, the king of Jordan died. In addition, 22 innocent people died when, after the attempted’assassination, the guards opened fire to kill.

Young Hussein miraculously survived – the bullet ricocheted off his medal. The monarch, on the other hand, died after being shot three times in the head and another in the chest.’age of 69.

After the death of Jordanian King Abdullah, the first of his name, his son Talal, 63, became the leader of the’State. But his reign was short-lived. After only 11 months, Talal had to abdicate.

The reason was very sad: the king suffered from schizophrenia and the shocks exacerbated the’disease progression. In August 1952, parliament l’forced him to abdicate and his 16-year-old son, Hussein, took his place. Talal lived another 20 years and died in a mentally ill sanatorium in Istanbul.

Great love of King Hussein

Hussein I, charming and educated, whose charisma n’was not spoiled even by modest growth – only 155 cm, n’discovered true love only when’he married for the third time an aristocrat Aliya Bahaudin Tukan. The couple had a son and a daughter (the rebellious princess Haya bint al Hussein, l’fugitive ex-wife of the cruel Sheikh Maktoum)), and they adopted the’Palestinian orphan Abeer, who grew up in the palace. Aliya was loved by everyone, including her husband’s children from previous marriages. By the way, the future King Abdullah II was born from Hussein’s second marriage to the’Englishwoman Antoinette Avril Gardiner.

Everything seemed perfect – but a great tragedy awaited this great love. Five years after the wedding, Alia, 28, died in an accident’plane to Amman

In 1983, the new airport of’Amman bears his name. Hussein does not’never recovered from this loss, although’he married a fourth time to an Arab American, Lisa Najib Halabi, and became a father four more times.

Difficult conflict between Abdallah II and his half-brother

Hamza, the son of Lisa Najib Halabi, also known as Queen Noor, was in good standing with his older half-brother. When’in 1999, Abdullah II became King of Jordan (c’is another story – he got the throne quite unexpectedly), at the request of his father Hussein, he appointed Hamza as heir.

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However, in 2004, this title was canceled due to unrest: Hamza was trying to’organize a coup’State.

Nevertheless, Abdullah II n’did not limit his stepbrother to the privileges of the’condition for many years and n’has ceased to’try to’improve relationships. But the roots of the conflict were very deep: in 2022, Hamza, 42, even announced that’he was prepared to give up all titles “because his personal values ​​do not match those of the Jordanian royal family”.

Abdullah II reacted harshly to such a loud statement, effectively placing Hamza under house arrest and banning him from leaving the country. “It’s hard to deal with someone’one who considers himself both a hero and a victim,” the king explained in his letter to the people. “We will give Hamza everything he needs for a comfortable life, but he does not’will not have’space he once abused to insult the nation, its institutions and his family, or undermine Jordan’s stability.”

Now his eldest son Hussein has been named the official successor to’Abdullah II. And it is unlikely that’Abdullah changes’notice…

Source: The Voice Mag

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