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Mel Maia and MC Daniel face a relationship crisis

Actress Mel Maia’s relationship with singer MC Daniel is going through a troubled moment, says the journalist

The love of the actress Mayan honey with the singer MC Daniel is going through a difficult phase, according to the journalist Leone Dias. The lovebirds are reportedly facing a relationship crisis in recent weeks.

The famous is in Rio de Janeiro for the taping of the soap opera go with faithwhile the funk artist is in Paris, France, that is, distance could be one of the reasons for the turbulent moment.

Also according to information, the disagreement between Mel and Daniel is not new. But neither of them wants to give up on their eight-month relationship.


Recently, the couple has been the subject of rumors on the Internet.

were the subject of controversy in February this year, when the same journalist revealed that an “MC who swears he loves” would be cheating on his girlfriend. The statement was linked to MC Daniel and Mel Maia, at the time and after the controversy arose, the two mocked the situation on Instagram Stories.

I’m here with my boyfriend who cheated on me. You betrayed me? Damn, love…“, Mel Maia joked, at the time.”I’ll leave you” he teased the actress as well.

Source: Terra

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