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‘You Can’t Do It’: Christopher Nolan Confronts Superman’s Ending

SPOILER ALERT! The following article will reveal the ending of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel.

At the time Christopher Nolan refused to accept the ending of Man of Steel and objected to the superhero killing off General Zod.

Let us remind you that the history of human steel has been written Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer and decorated with Goyer’s script. The latter also has very specific intentions in dealing with this mission, which he spoke about then Empire :

“You have to respect the official world, but also question it. If you don’t reinvent these characters, they become stagnant and cease to be relevant. We thought — and I think a lot of people thought — that Superman wasn’t more relevant. .”

And what better way to make it more relevant than to explain his life credo in a reboot of his cinematic adventures? Anyway, this was Zack Snyder’s idea:

The “why” for me was that if we were really doing an origin story, his aversion to death was never explained. I wanted to create a scenario where Superman saw the population of Metropolis cut in half if he didn’t make this drastic decision.

Except Christopher Nolan initially vetoed the Man of Steel killing off anyone, as Goyer recalled:

“He said, ‘Don’t do that,’ and I wrote the scene, read it, and he was convinced.”

At the end of Man of Steel, Superman confronts General Zod. The latter will kill all the inhabitants of the metropolis with its laser eyes. The superhero gives it to him and begs him to stop, but he continues his destructive work. So Superman has no choice: he breaks his neck with the rod, which falls heavily to the ground.

Man of Steel launched the “Snyder Verse,” which then led to the entire DC Comics adaptation of the Connected Universe before The Flash comes out on June 14th. Ten years of the DCEU before James Gunn is called upon to end this endeavor and start another one, which will also begin with a Superman movie. The circle is complete!

Source: Allocine

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