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Tati Zaqui says she’s thinking about turning to gospel after reporting abusive relationship: ‘I do things for myself’

The singer filed a police complaint against Thomaz Costa, with whom she had an affair in ‘A Fazenda’, in May

Singer Tati Zaqui revealed that he is considering moving from funk for the gospel following allegations of abuse made against the actor Thomas Costawith whom he had a relationship during Reality show The farm. She registered a police complaint for domestic and psychological violence, personal injury, threats and damage against him in May.

The artist said that after the case, she began to rethink her career and “discover herself.” “I was once an insecure woman who didn’t know who I was. I recently discovered who I am. I made a big change in my life and today I love myself and do things for myself,” Tati said in an interview with Who this Monday, 6pm.

She reported taking emotional intelligence classes, as well as connecting with her spirituality, to better understand who she was. The singer stated that she is more selective and has not had relationships with anyone for 4 months.

Tati said he intends to “convey a better message through his work” and that he has been listening to a lot of gospel music. “I believe God didn’t give me the voice, the gift and so many followers to simply text at night, dance. I thought a lot about doing work aimed at touching people and helping them. […] I’m very spiritual and I really want to do work like this. […] Nothing is certain, but who knows,” he commented.

The singer also said that she was questioned a lot after the complaint and that she never imagined she would experience such a situation. “I thought I would never accept it, but when we least expect it, we are already experiencing it. […] I read comments like ‘ah! But if he deserved it,” “she accepted it.” In the end it’s never the victim’s fault,” she said.

Understand the case

Tati Zaqui filed a police report against Thomaz Costa in Sao Gaetano do Sul, on ABC Paulista, May 20. The two met while participating in the reality show The farmfrom the Record TV.

In a note sent to EstadaoTHE Public Security Secretariat of the State of São Paulo (SSP-SP) said the attacks took place on May 13. The singer told the police that she had been attacked with bites on her leg and threatened with a knife.

According to the agency, “emergency protective measures were requested from the victim and the case was registered as domestic violence, damage, threat, psychological violence against women and personal injury at the São Caetano do Sul police station.”

Other side

Thomaz, who became famous for participating in a new version of the children’s soap opera CarouselFrom SBT, spoke about the case on social media. She claimed to have “become aware of what is happening through social media” and said he will prove his innocence in court.

“I have photos and videos, but I don’t want to expose them, that’s not my intention. But I was a victim of an abusive relationship and I will show you that men also suffer from abusive relationships,” he said, who accused Tati of assault.

Tati Zaqui says she's thinking of switching to gospel music.

Source: Terra

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