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Camilla de Lucas talks about her alleged pregnancy

Camilla de Lucas was outraged by the rumors and vented on social media about this issue

Camilla de Luca she said she is not pregnant after a photo of her in a bikini generated so many questions from internet users. The former BBB had just gone to the beach and posed naturally.

She vented and said that people need to “learn how to deal with real bodies.” After getting married in May this year, Camilla says she gained 9kg.

“I’m not pregnant. When I am, I’ll talk. The point is that I don’t have LAD lipo or HD lipo, those things you’re used to seeing on the internet nowadays. I have a normal belly, I’m not interested in having a defined belly”I’m shooting.

And he concluded: “Get off the internet and look at the real bodies of people on the street. It’s really worrying, I think the cause of all this is the internet and people who really trick others into thinking that the normal body is the one with HD lipo”.

Check out the controversial photo!

Check out this photo on Instagram

A post shared by Camilla de Lucas (@camilladelucas)

Source: Terra

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