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All equal? Harry and Meghan ‘copied’ Diana’s problems, says biographer

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex relied on Diana’s problems to resolve the couple’s impasses, according to Andrew Morton

Andrew Morton, author of the book Diana: Her True Story he made a sensational revelation. According to Morton, Harry and Meghan use the same issues as Diana to build their own narrative for the couple. This is because the writer knows Lady Di’s story well and follows the life of the Dukes of Sussex closely.

Through an interview for the SprayFrom Uol, Andrew compared the problems Diana, Harry and Meghan faced as royals. In the conversation, the biographer listed similar complaints.

Life at the Palace is an important point. Both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Lady Di said they had not received much instruction on royal life. This because they had no help in dealing with issues such as mental health, a topic neglected by the institution. Furthermore, they further state it There were defamation campaigns in the press that started right from inside the Palace.

However, Morton argues that Diana’s story is more authentic than that of Harry and Meghan. This is because Lady Di’s husband, Charles. he didn’t love her. “They have a happy marriage. Charles and Diana had an unhappy relationship,” the biographer said.

According to Morton, Prince Harry’s memoir, spaceit doesn’t show the true story of his life. “He has a romanticized view of what happened. And he changed the narrative a lot, so that everything that happened is someone else’s fault,” he said.

Despite the similarities, Meghan and Diana actually have different feelings. “Diana felt hopeless because she felt like she had given up on her life and that her husband had left with this other woman. Meghan’s feelings were very different. She felt like she hadn’t been praised enough. Well, welcome in the royal family, why don’t they praise each other.”, concluded Morton.

Mrs. Di

Diana: Her True Story (1990) reveals Lady Di’s side. That’s because there are accounts in the book of his struggle with bulimia and Charles’ relationship with Camila Parker Bowles. The details narrated in the book were contacted by Diana herself, through audio recordings. However, Diana’s participation was only revealed after her death in 1997.

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