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“I’ve always had my mouth shut,” says Bruna Biancardi about her relationship with money

Ao Terra, an influencer, declared that she has already signed a contract with a brand in Saudi Arabia

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Many people have opinions about their personal and professional lives. Bruna Biancardi, 29 years old, but perhaps few really know his story. Currently with 7.7 million followers on social media, she started working at the age of 17 in her parents’ company. AS womanhe quickly realized the importance of financial independence. For example, you didn’t spend your first salary, you saved it.

“I kept it,” he said, humorously. «I’ve always been a bit stingy in this sense. But in the first few months of my salary, my parents gave me some responsibilities such as: paying for my car expenses, contributing to a household bill, paying in full for a trip I wanted to take, and so I began to organize myself financially. Before, I just wanted to save what I earned,” she said. Bruna Biancardiin an exclusive interview with Earth.

Bruna recognizes that living with her family, inside and outside the work environment, contributed to her shaping entrepreneur that has become. A favorite among brands, influencerin fact, he has already signed a contract with a company in Saudi Arabia.

To the Earth, Bruna Biancardi talked about the beginnings of her career on the internet, her relationship with financial planning, female empowerment and the role of her family in all of this. She watches the entire conversation.

Bruna Biancardi, entrepreneur and influencer

Before your fame, did you ever have a traditional profession? What was your first job and how old were you?

“I started working at the age of 17 in my father’s company – a clothing brand – and he taught me to spend some time in each sector, see the work routine and what everyone did, and then decide which one I would work in”.

Was it a choice to start working at that age or was it encouraged?

“Both. My parents always encouraged me to work and I already wanted to do something and get paid to make my own stuff.”

Has financial independence always been important to you?

“Of course! I think it would be more “financial freedom”. Having the autonomy to do my own things, travel, start a course, pay bills, buy something I wanted… has always been an important thing for me.”

And your first paycheck, do you remember what you did with it?

“I continued, [risos]. I’ve always been a bit stingy in this sense. But, in the first few months of my salary, my parents gave me some responsibilities such as: paying expenses related to my car, contributing to a house bill, paying in full for a trip I wanted to take, etc. and so I started to organize myself financially. Before I just wanted to save what I earned, [risos]”.

You have a strong entrepreneurial streak. Did it start with you or is it something you developed?

Bruna Biancardi, influencer

“I believe that coming from a family of entrepreneurs made this a natural outcome for me; furthermore, I have always preferred to be in control of the situation, rather than working for someone or some company, for example. Today I have the privilege of being my own “boss”, setting my own hours, being able to work from anywhere and choosing my own partners.”

His family works in the fashion industry. How do you reconcile your business with your family business?

“I no longer work in the family business. They continue with the brand, but now I dedicate myself completely to my work on the Internet.”

Talking about your internet career, tell me a little about how it started. Have you always wanted to be an influencer?

“I started as a hobby in 2016/2017, sharing travel tips and my daily life. At the beginning I accepted the “barter” with brands, and produced content for them. Over time I started to get paid for this work, I had a YouTube channel, but I still managed to combine this hobby with work at the family business.”

When did you realize that you should professionalize your work on the internet and how did you do it?

“I realized that I had to professionalize my work on the Internet when I realized that I could not handle the emerging demand alone. I called a friend to work with me, who is now my consultant and, when we saw him, he was The time has come to create the company and hire more collaborators.”

Do you believe that work, traditional or otherwise, empowers women?

Bruna Biancardi, influencer

“I believe in it 100%. Having financial independence is not just about paying bills and earning assets. It ensures women, it gives autonomy, security, freedom and independence.”

In your opinion, what was your first big achievement as an influencer?

“I feel very satisfied that so many national and international brands trust my work and are with me on this journey. As well as a major contract I recently signed with a company in Saudi Arabia.”

Today you are consolidated on the internet, between schedules and meetings, how do you keep your mental health updated?

“Lots of therapies [risos] as well as not reading comments on the internet. Unfortunately nowadays people think that by following small moments of someone’s life on the Internet, they have the right to express their opinion, advise and butcher their life, which is not true.”

Source: Terra

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