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Ana Hickmann announces ‘new life’ and says: ‘Know that this mother here will fight for her little one’

“The days are difficult, but this mother here is fighting,” she said, nine days after reporting her husband’s attack; the businessman confessed to the attack and said he regretted it

Ana Hickmann posted a selfie with the phrase “new life” this Monday 20th on his Instagram profile. The image was released just hours after the presenter wrote messages on her TV channel on her app saying: “Know that this mother here will fight for her little one.”

On November 11, the presenter reported her husband, Alessandro CorreaFor Domestic violence AND bodily injury. The businessman confessed to the attack and said he was sorry (see his full statement below).

“Hello class. I must say that today was a beautiful day. Together with my son, for the first time, we managed to smile a little. The days are difficult, but this mother here is fighting. Today in my son’s prayer , asked Heaven to dad to help mom solve all her problems. I have more than one child, I have an angel in my life. And who fills me with energy to continue. I’m not a super woman. But I wanted to say that I won’t let my guard down. Thank you so much for all your support,” he wrote on Sunday evening, the 19th.

Afterward, Ana recorded an audio message: “Thank you so much for all your support, for all your love. Know that this woman here, this mother will fight. She will fight for her little one, she will fight for life, she will.” fight for joy. Tomorrow is a new day and I can count on you by my side.”

Read Alexandre’s full statement the day after the attack was reported:

“Yesterday, in fact, I had an argument with my wife, an absolutely isolated situation, which did not generate any significant consequences.

I would also like to point out that I never gave you a headbutt, as falsely reported by the press, and that everything will be appropriately clarified at the appropriate time.

I take this opportunity to apologize to my entire family for what happened. 25 years of marriage have passed without any episode of this type occurring.

I have always served Ana as her agent, with all zeal, affection and respect, just as I treat the 7 women I work with in my office.”

Understand the case

In a police report recorded by Ana Hickmann last Saturday, the 11th, she reported her husband for Domestic violence AND bodily injury. In a note released on Sunday the 12th, he declared that he had a “disagreement” with his partner. On the other hand, Correa had denied the attack (to be read in full).

The presenter told the Civil Police that Alexandre had closed the kitchen door against her arm and was threatening to headbutt her. After being treated at São Camilo hospital and finding a bruise on her left elbow, the presenter had to use a sling.

The Police Headquarters is investigating the case Ituwhere the couple lives.

Ana Hickmann and Alexandre Correa.

Source: Terra

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