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Liquid gold: why can no food or medicine compare to olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil has long been considered a vital component of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Scientists and nutritionists agree that the benefits of this golden liquid go beyond its great taste, positively influencing health in many ways. Among its nutritional virtues, the presence of phenols stands out, antioxidant compounds that play an essential role in cellular protection. How does olive oil have a positive impact on the human body?

Cardiovascular health

Solid research highlights a substantial reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease associated with regular consumption of olive oil. Evidence indicates a decrease in systolic blood pressure in individuals who integrate this liquid into their daily diet. This correlation offers a promising prospect for mitigating cardiovascular risks and also indicates the possibility of reducing dependence on drugs used to control blood pressure.

Breast cancer prevention

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Studies conducted in Spain revealed an association between regular consumption of olive oil and lower rates of breast cancer in women. These results indicate distinct protective properties attributed to olive oil, suggesting that its regular inclusion in the diet contributes to the prevention of this form of cancer.

Blood sugar control and weight loss

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Numerous clinical studies have highlighted the ability of olive oil to reduce blood glucose levels. The complexity of these benefits lies in the possible interconnection of this oil with the preservation of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. The findings suggest an influence on direct glucose regulation and indicate the potential to protect pancreatic cells, paving the way for more comprehensive strategies in diabetes management.

Despite the common belief that oil consumption harms the diet, studies have also surprised by showing that olive oil can actually help reduce body weight. In experiments with dozens of women on different diets, those who consumed more than three tablespoons of olive oil a day lost more than 5 percent of their starting weight in eight weeks.

Improved cognitive function

Research in mice and a small clinical study in humans with mild cognitive impairment suggest that olive oil components may be associated with the elimination of amyloid plaques and improved cognitive functioning. While more research is needed to confirm these findings, the evidence so far is promising for cognitive health.

Given the scientific evidence and countless studies that support the benefits of extra virgin olive oil, it is undeniable that this golden liquid is an unparalleled player when it comes to promoting health. By carefully choosing olive oil and consciously integrating it into your diet, you will enjoy not only its health benefits, but also its exceptional flavor and versatility in the kitchen.

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