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Taylor Swift fans must fight for their rights after the artist’s chaotic visit to Brazil

According to an expert, some situations experienced by fans are prosecutable; see the list

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The passage of Taylor Swift it has left signs throughout Brazil and not all of them are positive. In recent days at least two of the singer’s fans have died, one inside the stadium while he was waiting for the show to start and another after a robbery in Rio de Janeiro. The problems don’t end there: reports of disorder from the event producer, reports of second-degree burns caused by the venue’s structure, and more.

The report of Earth Talk to lawyer Alanna Rodrigues, a lawyer specializing in the entertainment field, to understand the rights and duties of each side of the story. In his opinion, people who feel aggrieved should look for ways to take the case to court as soon as possible.

“Even more so if they have documentation [que comprove os danos sofridos]. Each case is different, each person experienced the event differently, but everyone suffered moral and material damage.”

About Taylor Swift fans who burned themselves with metal plates

On Sunday the 19th some fans reported suffering second degree burns after coming into contact with metal plates placed in the stadium to protect the pitch and help with the logistics of the event.

According to the expert, fans can take legal action against the producer for their burns, even if they received medical treatment. But before making this decision it is necessary to reflect and ask yourself some questions, such as: did the event have an adequate number of first responders for the expected audience to welcome it? How long did you wait for this service? Were the conditions of this waiting unsanitary or comfortable? How was the service received? Do you think you waited in a suitable place? The more negative the responses, the stronger the case.

However, Alanna warns: a bad experience is useless if the Taylor Swift fan he cannot prove that he crossed it. He advises people who feel offended to film, photograph and accumulate as many records as possible. The more they can make the episode tangible, the better.

“There is a ruling of the STJ that allows the accumulation of compensation for aesthetic damage and moral damage, which in this issue of burns is quite appropriate. Likewise, regarding the long queues and waiting in the heat to which people were subjected, there is also a question of safety, but this time health which was not preserved, and also the failure to provide a service in violation of article 14 of the Consumer Law, which provides that the service provider is directly responsible for compensation for damages caused to consumers for effects related to the provision of the service: in other words, allowing the consumer to face long queues, extreme heat and the risk of burns is a double prejudice”.

About the dead Taylor Swift fan

Ana Clara Benevides, 23 years old, died last Friday, the 17th, during the Taylor Swift’s first concert in Brazil. That day, the thermal sensation in the stadium was 60ºC and the TF4 people are prohibited from bringing water bottles into the area. The Civil Police is investigating the causes of the student’s death. On Sunday 19th the girl’s parents revealed via social media that they had received help fan of singer Taylor pay for the transfer of his daughter’s body from the capital Rio to Mato Grosso, where she lived.

For Alanna, Ana Clara’s case highlights a serious gap in the legal prevention sector T4F. According to her, the young girl’s parents, regardless of the cause of death, have the right to seek compensation through legal means.

“When the company organizes an event, it has to think about legal prevention, it has to think about the intended audience, the artists and above all the climate issue. In Brazil, organizers tend to worry about rain and thunderstorms, given that we are a tropical country . They think about the floor, the mud, whether it won’t slip, whether the event will be outdoors or indoors. Unfortunately, this tragedy had to occur for them to pay attention to heat and water distribution.”

About the Taylor Swift fans who were hurt by the show’s postponement

Saturday 18th, when the fans were already inside the stadium, Taylor Swift announced that he had decided to postpone the show until Monday 20th. The news was greeted with shouts and whistles. Rumors suggest that the singer attempted to postpone the show from earlier in the day, but the producer insisted on keeping the plans. At 6pm the singer’s team officially announced the postponement.

Among the reasons for the fans’ revolt was not only the loss of time, but also the financial loss. Many are not from Rio de Janeiro and traveled to the city just to watch the show. A T4F it offered the right to reimbursement of entry, however those who chose to stay had to pay for food, accommodation and travel expenses. All these damages, according to Alanna Rodrigues, can be recovered by the company in court, simply by collecting sufficient physical documents to prove the collateral damages.

About Taylor Swift fans who have been robbed or robbed

Taylor Swift, singer

According to Alanna, if the crime occurred outside the show, as reported by Taylor’s fans on Saturday the 18th, the State is responsible. The person must then go to a police station and file a police report. However, if thefts and robberies have occurred within the event, there is the possibility of holding the organization responsible. The company, although not directly obliged to take care of everyone’s personal belongings, has a duty to preserve and guarantee the integrity of the consumer.

Those interested in filing a lawsuit against the organizing company should seek an appropriate professional. There is no way to predict the length of the process, and regardless of the situation, if you feel aggrieved, the general guideline is to contact the authorities to register a case and collect documents for action.

Taylor Swift surpasses Madonna and is the second richest woman in music;  see ranking
Taylor Swift surpasses Madonna and is the second richest woman in music; see ranking

Source: Terra

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