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Look at celebrities who didn’t finish their studies

Despite not having finished their studies, these famous people became millionaires

Artists and celebrities often do not complete their studies when they start their careers early. Or famous people who, before becoming famous, had to stop attending school to help support their family. Celebrities and Celebrities separated a list of celebrities who have discontinued or dropped out of school. The reasons are as varied as possible, but the bank account is very similar, the majority have become millionaires.

Gisele Bundchen

The supermodel began her career at 14 years old. Due to intense catwalk routines and full-time photoshoots, Gisele is one of her celebrities who had to stop her studies early.

Paolo Gustavo

Even the famous Dona Hermínia or the great Paulo Gustavo had to face this difficulty. This is because she stopped studying in sixth grade. However, the actor completed his basic training through a later supplement.


During an interview, Rihanna revealed that she was unable to finish her studies due to rushing.

Gusttavo Lima

Unlike other celebrities, Gustavo needed to help his family financially from a young age. For this reason he abandoned his studies, which were completed after achieving fame. The singer, in fact, also attended university remotely.

Tom Cruise

In his childhood, Tom Cruise dreamed of becoming a priest. However, he fell in love with acting and moved to New York to pursue an acting career.

Source: Terra

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