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Ludmilla could end up in court after the villa parties

Neighbors at the luxury condominium where he lives are uncomfortable with the celebrations that only end in the morning.

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Singer Ludmilla he caused some discomfort to the neighbors with his famous “afters” in the condominium where he lives. According to information from journalist Fábia Oliveira of the newspaper Metropolisa source revealed that one of the parties was closed only after the Military Police arrived.

The stress started on the 8th of last month, when the singer threw a big party after the Multishow Awards. According to the columnist, the party was characterized by a lot of loud music and shouting. The police were even called twice. The first at 5 in the morning, when Ludmilla promised that the party would be over. And the second, at 8.30, which effectively puts an end to the event with the arrival of a second police patrol.

People were lying on the lawn, others were asking residents for rides, which angered the neighborhood. The next day, Ludmilla tried to alleviate the situation by sending flowers to her neighbors, which she shared on her social media.

However, according to the column, the flowers were not well received. Neighbors saw the gesture as “audacity” on the singer’s part, which caused a huge headache, and feared that by accepting it would open up space for “afters” to become more frequent.

From then on the situation could get worse for the singer. To avoid new parties of this size, residents are trying to change the internal rules of the condominium. The current goal is to make the regiment more resilient for these types of situations. Two meetings have already taken place and the condominium, as well as its consultants, would be available to adopt the necessary legal measures to resolve the issue.

Despite all this tension, Ludmilla threw two more parties in November. According to neighbors, the party “started when it should have ended,” the number of guests was large and “the vans kept arriving.”

According to Fábia, many residents would like to take more radical measures if the singer insisted on organizing these types of events. Among these, the appeal to the Judiciary.

Source: Terra

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