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Palmeiras Brazilian champion: celebrities celebrate the title

From Fred Bruno to Ana Maria Braga, they were thrilled to win the cup

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OR palms won the Brazilian Championship Wednesday 6th, after the match against Cruzeiro. On social media, celebrities of all kinds celebrated the title.

Ana Maria Braga, for example, posed next to several of the t-shirts palms. Former BBB Fred Bruno shared a visibly emotional text on Instagram.

Ana Maria celebrates Palmeiras' title

“Look at me there, all skinny, cheering for… palms exactly 14 years ago. On 06/12/2009 I was in Engenhão and I suffered one of the most painful defeats of my life. I drove to RJ, with a negative balance on my account, a pirate Palmeiras t-shirt and a handmade sign that said, “We believe.” Today, 14 years later, Palmeiras are Brazilian Champions and the team that left us out that year is in 5th place after leading for 31 games. Anyway, that painful scar is being erased today and shows how crazy life is. So crazy that it’s hard to explain how much the world has changed and how many things have changed.”

Gustavo Marsengo celebrates Palmeiras' title

Gustavo Marsengo, also a former BBB, celebrated Palmeiras’ victory in style. In addition to wearing the team jersey, he dyed his hair green and danced with his girlfriend, Laís Caldas. The former BBB member accompanied him in cheering and celebrating.

The actor Jayme Matarazzo He hasn’t stopped celebrating the title either.

Jayme Matarazzo celebrates Palmeiras' title

“Dodeca champion… 12 times the greatest in Brazil. Palmeiras is gigantic. My gym fills me with joy. Welcome to the ‘Second Heroic Sprint’, won by the ‘Third Academy’. Enjoy this moment. This team is historic. Abel Ferreira is eternal. Go Palmeiras! Never give up. ‘The Third Academy’ is fantastic. Palmeiras is giant,” he wrote in an emotional message on social media.

Source: Terra

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