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Virginia Fonseca takes radical action after being accused of having an affair with Neymar. Understand!

Virginia Fonseca has been angered by public reaction after launching a Christmas campaign for her brand alongside Neymar. Find out the influencer’s opinion:

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Virginia Fonseca AND Neymar received a series of criticisms after the release of the Christmas campaign WePink, the influencer’s cosmetics brand. The absence of Ze Felipe in the commercial, along with the fact that story told in the campaigngenerated negative comments about the duo.

“I missed Zé and Marias in such a familiar advertisement,” commented a follower. “Why it must appear in Zé’s songs Is there another man in all his launches?”, were some of the comments.

Virginia Fonseca reacts to criticism of Neymar’s commercial

During a live broadcast on Saturday evening (09), Virginia Fonseca was irritated by comments from internet users. In the live broadcast, the influencer threatened to report anyone who said it she is in a relationship with Neymar.

“I’m in shock! How is this possible? Who will get Neymar? The face of society, that is me. I will sue anyone who starts to doubt my character. He has already crossed the line. Let’s respect him. I am married and have two daughters. I respect my family,” he threatened.

“I can’t do a Christmas campaign for my company with the person who just walked in… Just because I’m doing a campaign doesn’t mean I’m a slut,” she said.

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