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Yoga: The practice helps women maintain emotional balance

Practicing yoga helps you maintain relaxation and balance your body and mind during the holiday season

The end of the year can be a stressful time for women, who are often responsible for preparing for Christmas and New Year. However, they increasingly find refuge in the practice of yoga to rebalance body and mind during this period.

According to yoga teacher Bruna Tiboni Kaiut, the practice can help slow down and avoid the typical end-of-year anxiety. She explains that yoga can help reduce stress and other emotional problems.

“Yoga includes a series of techniques that help you relax, be aware of the present, have a better quality of life, take care of your health and help keep anxiety at bay, which can be quite common in this time of year,” he says .

Change in lifestyle

In addition to promoting emotional balance, practicing yoga can also help strengthen physical and mental health. It can also create an environment conducive to lifestyle changes in the new year.

“The end of year holidays can be more than just a time for socializing, they can also be a time for reflection to make important decisions about the quality of life, such as quitting smoking,” says Bruna.

According to the expert, yoga also helps in this process, which is why it is often seen as the first step towards a profound change in style and quality of life. “So why not include yoga in your list of goals for 2024?”, he suggests.

How to start yoga?

Yoga is an activity that can be practiced anywhere and by people of all ages. Simply take time out of your day and find a comfortable, quiet place to relax and focus.

How often you should do yoga depends on your goals and availability, and can range from two to three times a week and every day! So, plan and practice this activity to start the year off right.

Source: Terra

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