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‘A Fazenda 15’: WL gets angry and clashes with Nadja: ‘Unbearable’

Nadja gets irritated by the position of the pedestrians and starts arguing with WL in ‘A Fazenda 15’

The climate has warmed between Nadja AND WL this Sunday, 12/10, at The farm 15. The pedestrian lost his temper after hearing his rival complain about this Radames It doesn’t help clean the house.

“I’ve never seen him do anything. I’ve been a horse for two weeks and I’m a woman. […] Many males are at home and stay there, not wanting to help around the house! Thinking you’re in the spa, everyone thinks you’re in the spa”start.

WL got angry and replied to Nadja: “Like you, you act like a horse and think you’re crazy. Hey Nadja, here’s what you do, I open the door here, you go over there and complain to the boys, since your problem is with them! Then they listen.”

“I’m speaking to the general public!”the influencer retortedTHE. “Then you also have to do something that I personally have never seen,” faced the pedestrian The Farm 15 therefore. “Oh I do not know! I always swept this house, cleaned this table. I do what I want when I want. I haven’t seen anyone here cleaning!” – Nadja shouted.

“Everyone does what they want when they want. Open the door and complain to the kids. If you want to complain, be shy, you’ll disturb someone else”, declared the famous man. “Am I your maid?”, the participant asked, receiving a negative reaction from her fellow inmate: “And I’m yours?!” “Ah, fuck you”, shot Nadja Pessoa. “Go, unbearable!concluded WL.


Source: Terra

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