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Tonight on TV: It’s set on a train and Liam Neeson is as effective as ever

Want a fast action movie? So see you tonight on TF1, which offers a very entertaining passenger, one of those works that takes place on a train. Still not sure? So know that the indefatigable Liam Neeson is the headliner!

Released in theaters in 2018, The Passenger, in which Liam Neeson rejoins director Jaume Collet-Serrat for the fourth time after a non-stop and overnight run, tells the story of Michael McCauley, who, as he does every day after work, catches a commuter train to take him home. But today his daily journey will take a different turn.

After receiving a call from a mysterious stranger, Michael is forced to identify a passenger hiding on the train before the last stop. As he races against time to solve this mystery, he finds himself in a terrifying spiral. A conspiracy that becomes a matter of life and death for him and all the other passengers!

“We wanted the normal man to be faced with a defining moral choice: How far is he willing to go to find money without knowing the consequences of his actions?”asks Jaume Collet-Serrat. “When extraordinary things happen to ordinary people, gradation is everything. The first choice must be obvious to the public. We would do the same in their place. Action must come from the credibility of that choice.”

The Passenger was filmed over ten weeks at Pinewood and Longcross studios in Surrey, England. Because the film is shot almost entirely on a train, Jaume Collet-Serrat and his team faced two big challenges: to create an exciting story with a setting that never changes, and to adapt the direction to this limitation.

“Train photography can be relatively boring”declares Jaume Collet-Serrat. “Fortunately, the Hudson North has an interesting aesthetic. It’s old, it makes a lot of noise, and it still has this ticketing system that appeals to me. Plus, the line offers many and varied lights. We go through platforms and tunnels from Grand Central to the Bronx, up the Hudson River from the city before going out. Visually, it can be a big advantage.”

Are you ready to board the Hudson North with Liam Neeson for an ultra-efficient action movie that moves? You know what remains to be done!

Tonight on TF1 at 21:10.

Liam Neeson recently starred in Retribution:

Source: Allocine

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