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Susana Werner claims she had no financial freedom during her marriage to Julio Cesar

The businesswoman let off steam after announcing her separation from the former goalkeeper and spoke about financial issues

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Entrepreneur Susana Werner has revealed that she had no financial freedom during her marriage to former footballer Júlio Cesar. She announced the end of the relationship this Sunday, the 10th, on social media, a few months after the two got back together. This time it is definitive, according to her, that she has been married for 21 years.

In an interview with the portal Leo DiasSusana said that the former goalkeeper limited her financially and that she was obliged to receive an “indemnity”, defined by him.

“He gave me a value that he thought was right in his calculations. I always accepted everything because I loved it, but after a while I was exhausted. I’ve dreamed his dream all my life, now it’s time to dream mine too,” Susana Werner told the site.

As for the end of the marriage, the businesswoman said she is happy and strong. “Diary of a future separated woman. It must be nice to be alone. I’m starting to like it. I no longer remember what life was like for me. I will never play the victim, I’m not a poor creature. “I’m a happy person, I’m a person strong, working, helping others and God. I don’t need anything else in this life, not even a man,” she said.

Susana worked as an actress at the beginning of her relationship with the goalkeeper, whom she married and, due to his international career, the two left Brazil and went to live in Europe. She then began to dedicate herself to her husband and her children.

In Instagram stories she revealed that she has been separated for a month, but that she has decided to end the marriage now. She thanked her followers for their love and support.

Also on the social network, Susana appeared in videos in which she told how she had built her boutique, saying that she carried bags of cement and that she had no money to pay the architects. She said that today her shop is a success and she pays for itself, however she still doesn’t make any profit.

Susana also stressed that she never needed luxuries to live, citing the allowance she received from her ex-husband. According to her, her expenses were mostly for food and children. “This is called trespass. I only learned this now, when the deal with Ana Hickmann happened. I only realized I was part of it a short time ago,” she accused.

First separation

Susana and Julio Cesar announced the end of their marriage in May this year. However, three days later, they backtracked and announced that they had rekindled their relationship and had “thrown themselves into something.”

The couple had two children, Cauet, 21, a Portuguese footballer, and Giulia, 18.

Source: Terra

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