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Priscilla Alcantara criticizes gospel singer Bruna Karla: “Wrong on several levels”

Bruna was criticized on social media after talking about same-sex marriage that went viral; the singer proposed a “cure” for gays

Singer Priscilla Alcantara has criticized the gospel singer’s homophobic speeches Bruna Carlo in a podcast interview Poccastpresented by Lucas Guedez and Rafa Uccman, published on Wednesday 22.

“It is very sad, it is rotten. It is wrong on many levels. It is a basic exercise that I do, when I open my mouth, my concern does not have to be expressing my opinion. First, what opinion should not have been given, it was made for have. You give yours only when asked, “Priscilla said.

“You have to do the exercise of thinking about how your speech will come to the next […]. It was completely unfortunate [a fala de Bruna]I think the word is inadmissible “, continued the artist.

Priscilla’s statements were a response to Bruna Karla’s jokes, which sparked outrage on social media. While participating in the podcast Positivelyby Karina Bacchi, the gospel singer said she refused to sing at a friend’s gay wedding.

Bruna also said that she had proposed a ‘cure’ to her friend and told him: “what God dreamed of for you was not that, forgive me”. In addition to Priscilla, who was once a gospel singer, artists such as Anitta, Xuxa, Ludmilla and Gil do Vigor also criticized Bruna’s comments.

Source: Terra

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