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“His strength is unbeatable,” Gominho says of Preta Gil

The host spoke about his friend’s recovery and compared his current situation with that of the last carnival


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The hostess enjoys Salvador’s carnival Vinícius Gomes da Costaknown as Gominhoshe talked about her friend’s recovery Preta Gilwho recently finished treatment for bowel cancer.

“Her strength is unbeatable, I always tell her. We cannot generalize and normalize the strength of women (…) but her strength was vital. I think it was also the strength of all those who helped me, my , that of my friends, mine of the family, but her strength to want to heal, made her look beautiful now with Carnival, very pretty, enthusiastic about the future, about the present, working hard now, as she likes”, he celebrated, in an exclusive interview with Earth.

The singer celebrated her return to the carnival. “I’ll tell you who I am. My name is Preta Maria, I’m 49 years old. I’m a fat, bisexual woman, I have an 8-year-old granddaughter. I just beat cancer! I’m very happy to be here, I want to know who you are,” she said. said during a presentation to the traditional Expresso 2222.

The daughter of Gilberto Gil he was diagnosed with bowel cancer in early 2023 and recovered last year. Furthermore, he suffered from some personal problems, such as the separation from the physical education teacher Rodrigo Godoy during treatment, due to his betrayal.

Other projects

During the interview Gominho also spoke about new projects in his career. “I like to live life without pretensions. Life ended up getting me, I’m going to Sao Paulo. I share a house with another singer and we have a big house with a theater. We want to turn it into a house Hurray, I’ll make my second album there , I will start painting and try to live more through art,” he said.

Source: Terra

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