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“We own our bodies,” says Adriane Galisteu before the show

The presenter joins Portela in honor of women


Adriane Galisteu returns to the Marquis of Sapucaí to parade at the Portela carnival with a costume that pays homage to women.

The presenter Adriana Galisteu returns to the Marquis of Sapucaí on the night of this Monday the 12th to parade once again in the carnival of Bring it.

In an exclusive interview with Earththe blonde said that her costume, on which several names are written, is a tribute to women.

“Portel’s samba is a very strong samba, it is a samba that praises the sacred feminine, that praises the pain of a woman who arrived on the slave ship, who lost her mother, who was raped, who didn’t have the chance to have a child in her womb… But this suffering woman represents a feminine strength that has been praised in Portela. And all these women who are here with me are very strong women from Portela,” she explained.

“Today I feel like I have the role to applaud these women, to make this street understand the history, applaud the history and learn from this history. It’s time to understand this pain,” she added.

For the presenter, being a woman is not yet easy and it is women themselves who have to define their own future, even within samba.

“A woman’s place is wherever she wants, for as long as she wants. We determine that. We own our bodies, our lives,” she said.


Portela tackles the novel by writer Ana Maria Gonçalves during the carnival of 2024 and retraces the imagined paths of the story of Preta’s mother, Luíza Mahim.

With the plot A color defectMadureira school will show the strength of black women and black heroines in Brazil.

Source: Terra

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