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Paolla Oliveira shows the villa where she lives with Diogo Nogueira: “I live five minutes from the beach”

A couple lives in a 1,700 m² house


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The actress Paola Oliveira showed the details of the villa where she lives with her boyfriend, the singer Diogo Nogueira, in Rio de Janeiro. The place is located in Barra da Tijuca and has 1,700 m², swimming pool, outdoor area and much more.

“I’m from São Paulo at heart and today I live five minutes from the beach. Rio de Janeiro chose me,” says Paolla in an interview with Home of Vogue.

All decorated in earth tones and with rooms that give the feeling of open space, the house features built-in rooms, umbrellas and glass panels. Everything to give a feeling of comfort and breathing. “I have learned that our home is our safe haven. This is where I rest, I refresh myself, I want comfort to have energy for what I do on the street, exposed.”

The dogs Marley and Bruttus and the cats Angelina, Polyana, Pantra and Corisco also live together with the couple.

The place has a beautiful living room, where Paolla displays the couple’s awards, such as the singer-songwriter’s Latin Grammy gramophones and the actress’s Dancing with Celebrities trophy. It also has two dining rooms, a TV room, one large and one smaller, a wine cellar, a gourmet area with industrial stove, bench and dining table. In the outdoor area we have a swimming pool with brazier, ecological fireplace and outdoor furniture.

External area of ​​Paola Oliveira's palace

According to her, a fire in her previous home forced her to start over and do everything from scratch. “I thought, ‘I’m going to do it all over again, have a nicer house and be happier.’ And so it was. I have the culture and history of a simple life, so having this comfort in such a specially designed home is a dream,” says Paolla.

The couple also set aside space on the balcony of their room and designated it for an ecumenical altar with items that she and Diogo receive from the public. “They are images of St. George, Our Lady of Aparecida, Buddha, as well as crystals and other objects that are part of our life and protection.”

Source: Terra

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