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Neymar, Felipe Neto and other celebrities are sued by a man who lost everything on bets

Man said he was influenced by videos posted on social media, where content creators never lost bets on Blaze

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A Rio de Janeiro man is suing Neymar, Felipe Neto and other digital influencers for allegedly motivating him to bet large sums of money at the Blaze bookmaker. The boy, who was unemployed and had used his reserves, said he had lost everything.

The trial was obtained by the columnist Gabriel Perline, from the portal IG, and turns to the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro. In addition to Neymar, Felipe Neto and other influencers, Blaze and companies that mediate payments are also mentioned.

The author claimed to have invested R $ 62,000 in the platform’s games. In addition to the compensation of this sum, the man requests compensation of 1 million Brazilian reals for moral damages.

In doing so, he explains that he has always seen influencers publish videos in which they appear multiplying the value of their bets. While searching for information, the actor found videos on YouTube showing that the accounts used by the influencers were a “training” profile on the betting platform. In other words, there was no chance of losing money in videos made by content creators.

“This observation brings us to the obvious, the platform’s training/fake/demo account has a different algorithm from the ‘real’ account, the person sees the influencers betting, earning the so-called ‘extra income’, without knowing that they use the account demo account, when betting on the “real” account, with a different algorithm, the person loses the bet,” the action reads.

OR Earth He asked Neymar and Felipe Neto for advice when looking for a position, but had no response.

Source: Terra

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