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Prince William talks about Kate Middleton’s cancer treatment and provides a new update on her health condition

Prince William commented on Kate Middleton’s health during the event. Although he didn’t provide many details, he stated how his wife is doing right now.

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This Tuesday (30th), Prince William was questioned about the health of Kate Middleton What announced that he is being treated for cancer on March 22. The couple has been very discreet about the princess’ situation, but this time King Charles’ successor has given a new update. Watch!

How is Kate Middleton?

Prince William attended the opening of a charity in England called James’ Place Newcastle this Tuesday (30). There he answered some questions from journalists. Then a journalist asked him on Kate Middleton’s health. ” Do you mind if I ask how your wife and kids are doing?” Churches. Prince William gave a positive response. ” We’re all fine, thank you“he declared. The reporter continued.” And of course Catherine?”, Churches. William replied directly again. ” We are all well“, he said.

Cancer in Kate Middleton

At the beginning of the year, Kate Middleton is missing social media and all public events. Many people found her disappearance strange, as she was always very active. This produced several bizarre theories on the web. The mystery ended on March 22, when Kate Middleton announced that, following surgery earlier this year, he found out he had cancer. Little information has been revealed about her health, but Kate continues to be treated for the disease.

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