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Myths and truths about training in the heat: is recovery slower?

Clarifications that help you practice safe physical exercise

Without a doubt the heat is the time that helps many people create healthy habits, isn’t it? Even better when you can train away from dubious theses and in this sense the orthopedist Dr. Ana Paula Simões he told us the myths and truths about training in the heat.

Myths and truths about training in the heat

“The muscle recovery break is unnecessary and was created by people who can’t train every day.” MYTH!

Building muscle is essential for body health and strengthening, but care must be taken, such as ensuring good muscle recovery to avoid load- and repetition-related injuries.

“A balanced diet can prevent injuries during training, as it influences bone and muscle health.” MYTH!

Diet has a great influence, especially on bone and muscle health and contributes to good physical performance. You cannot prevent injuries alone. It is also essential to have the support of doctors and specialists when practicing exercises to avoid pain.

“The use of local anti-inflammatory drugs after training injuries causes the benefits of exercise to be lost.” MYTH!

Using a local anti-inflammatory agent for muscle damage will not cause you to lose all training performance. In case of injuries, the local anti-inflammatory will help you recover faster so you can maintain your training routine and healthy habits without muscle pain being an obstacle.

“Each person’s history, as well as their social and cultural issues, can impact the success of their chosen physical activity.” REAL!

It is important to have professional support when practicing the exercise, since the specialist will be able to prepare the best training for each person, taking into account the student’s history, particularities, social and cultural issues.

Source: Terra

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