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“They used a presidential plane to bring Senna to Brazil,” recalls the Italian writer

Leonardo Guzzo, author of the book ‘Velos Como o Vento’, revealed interesting facts about the life and death of racing driver Ayrton Senna

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The Italian writer Leonardo Guzzoauthor of books Stacks like the windrevealed details about the life and fatal accident that killed the Brazilian driver Ayrton Sennaon May 1, 1994, after a serious accident during the seventh lap of the San Marino GP, in Imola, Italy.

“In Italy there was a big fan base for Ferrari, but there was also a big fan base for Senna. [que era da Williams]. After the announcement of Senna’s death, thousands of people went to the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna”, began Guzzo in an interview broadcast on the program Earth nowpresented by Cazé Pecini.

To get an idea of ​​the impact of the death of Seine in Italy, the author mentions how the pilot’s body was transported to Brazil. “They used the presidential plane to transport Senna’s body to Brazil, this was an honor that had never been granted to any other sportsman in Italy,” he explained.

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