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Is hair loss hereditary? Myths and truths on the subject

Professionals clarify common doubts about hair loss. Watch!

Have you ever heard it? washing your hair every day makes it fall out? Or is hair loss a hereditary problem? Subsequently, the Dr. Amanda Oliveirabiomedical specialist in Advanced Aesthetics from the Sabalk clinic network, e Paula Domingos Losinnodermatofunctional physiotherapist at Sabalk, clarify the main myths and truths about hair loss.

Washing your hair every day makes it fall out


According to the expert, washing every day can in fact bring a series of benefits to the hair, since in this way the scalp will always be clean and oxygenated, promoting blood circulation. He recommends washing your hair every day or every other day.

The cap makes the hair fall out


There are no scientific studies who point out that caps can cause hair loss. However, Amanda reminds us that frequent use of this accessory can encourage the proliferation of microorganisms that inflame the scalp and cause hair loss.

The worsening of greasiness and the appearance of dandruff and dermatitis are other consequences that can occur due to a “suffocated” scalp.

Tight hairstyles can cause hair loss


Generating a excessive tension in hair follicles, frequent use of tight hairstyles can promote hair loss and even lead to traction alopecia, an irreversible condition. According to Dr. Amanda, it is best to tie your hair loosely.

Hair loss is hereditary


Conditions such as androgenetic alopecia actually have a hereditary origin. However, if you have a family history of this condition, this does not necessarily mean that baldness will occur.

Shaving or cutting your hair strengthens your hair


Shaving or cutting does not affect the strengthening of hair, guarantees Dr. Losinno.

Baldness has no cure


There are several measures that may be recommended to treat hair loss, from medications to surgical procedures.

It is worth remembering that, to avoid hair loss and keep your locks always strengthened, it is essential to adopt some precautions, including not wearing tight hairstyles for too long, not sleeping with damp hair, not exaggerating with the use of thermal instruments, do not wash immerse them in very hot water and protect them from solar radiation.

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