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Arnaldo Duran makes harsh revelations about his dismissal from Record: “they burned me”

The journalist was the first guest of the podcast Escrito nas Estrelas, presented by João Bidu

The journalist Arnaldo Duran, which has a long and beautiful history in Brazilian television, made strong revelations on Record, the broadcaster that employed him for years. The journalist was the first guest of the podcast Escrito nas Estrelas, presented by astrologers Joao bidu AND Viviane Pettersen.

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During the chat about his career as a reporter, Arnaldo commented on the reasons that led to his dismissal from Record at the end of 2022. According to him, the decision was taken by the top management of the broadcaster and contrary to the opinion of the editorial staff. directors of the company.

“They burned me in the market,” said Arnaldo Duran. The journalist explains that the broadcaster claimed that his salary was too high and therefore fired him. But it wasn’t true. And he ended up being a major obstacle for other broadcasters to get in touch to hire him.

“That boy won’t have the courage to offer me R$10,000, he earns a lot, I won’t have the money to pay,” the journalist said. Referring to the thoughts other broadcasters would have if they thought about hiring him.

Arnaldo Durant talks about prejudice

“Another joke. Nobody’s going to want to hire a guy who has a degenerative disease and have to deal with this problem. If that guy hires me as an employee, he’s going to be responsible. So, I got burned in the market,” he said.

Arnaldo refers to Machado-Joseph syndrome. A rare and incurable disease that attacks the nervous system, compromising balance and coordination. According to Folha de S. Paulo, Duran went to court against Record and asked for compensation of around R$3 million for moral damages.

The podcast Written in the stars airs every 15 days, bringing guests from the most diverse niches, for a relaxed chat and lots of astrology. To follow the program, simply subscribe to the João Bidu channel on YouTube and activate notifications so you don’t miss anything.

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