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BBB24 champion Davi Brito is criticized for doing a live show in a flood-hit city in RS

Baiano is in the state of Rio Grande do Sul as a volunteer


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OR The BBB24 champion, Davi Brito, received a barrage of criticism after performing live shows straight from Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, amid the climate tragedy plaguing the region. The Bahian volunteered in the state of Rio Grande do Sul to help flood victims, but not everyone appreciated his initiative.

In one of the videos, a resident criticizes the formerBBB and accuses him of “producing media in one of the most affected neighborhoods in the region”. Some Internet users agree with the criticism. “Who thinks he went there just to introduce himself?” one said. “He actually went because of the media and not to actually help,” said another.

However, Davi continues to share accounts of his work in Canoas. This Friday, the 10th, he participated in the delivery of donations to the Nossa Senhora Das Graças Hospital and was much appreciated by his followers. “The more they criticize, the more he does it”, “Sad to see people who do NOTHING judge a twenty-one year old who went there to help! Be strong, Davi”, are among the comments of the publication.

Source: Terra

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