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5 attitudes that are damaging your bouquets

From failing to clean the vase to adding the wrong level of water, find out which mistakes shorten the life of bouquets.

Bouquets of flowers bring beauty to any environment! Everyone loves receiving or buying flowers. Typically, cutting ones are chosen, options that only have the stem. However, they are sensitive to dehydration and the treatment must begin immediately after separation of the roots. The first step is remove them from the packaging to allow unhindered breathing. Furthermore, it is fundamental adequately sanitize the container where they will be stored.

Clovis SouzaCEO of Giuliana Flores, shares five common mistakes on the topic and how to avoid them so that your bouquets stay beautiful longer:

1. Leave the flowers of the composition in contact with the water

It is recommended keep only the stems in contact with the water, preventing the petals from being submerged. This is because prolonged contact with the liquid can accelerate deterioration, leading to softening and loss of the vibrant appearance. Furthermore, by keeping the petals dry, it is possible to reduce the risk of bacteria proliferating on the surface, helping to extend the useful life and beauty of the plant.

2. Exposing vessels to extreme temperatures


Both intense heat and cold can cause significant damage to the quality and durability of plants. OR air conditioning and heating it can create adverse environmental conditions, causing premature wilting, discoloration and even irreversible damage. It is important to provide an environment with a moderate and stable temperature to prolong the freshness and beauty of the plants.

3. Soak the orchid substrate


Prevent the orchid’s substrate from becoming waterlogged it is essential, since these plants cannot tolerate excessive humidity. The accumulation of water can cause root rot and the onset of fungal diseases. To ensure the health of the species, it is important ensure good drainage, allowing the excess to be eliminated from the vessel. Furthermore, it is advisable to water them only when the substrate is almost dry.

4. Don’t invest in preservative compounds


A common misconception is neglect the use of preservative compounds. These products play an essential role in prolonging the life of flowers by providing nutrients and inhibiting the growth of microorganisms that can accelerate their decomposition. Neglecting the use of these compounds can increase the likelihood of wilting and spoilage. It is therefore essential to invest in quality substances and follow the instructions for use on the packaging.

5. Not cleaning the accommodation

One mistake to avoid when dealing with single sheets is not cleaning the arrangement properly. Leaving withered petals and fallen leaves in the vase not only compromises the aesthetics of the whole, but can also contribute to the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Regularly removing wilted petals and dead leaves helps keep the plant fresh and healthy for longer, preserving its beauty and extending its lifespan.

Source: Terra

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