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Pedro Scooby postpones departure from Rio Grande do Sul; know the reason

In Rio Grande do Sul, surfer Pedro Scooby opens up and reveals that he has postponed his return home

The surfer Peter Scooby revealed this Friday, 05/10, that he continues to help the victims of the flood in Rio Grande do Sul, in Instagram stories, he declared that he will stay a few more days in the state.

The former BBB said he changed his plans because there is a warning for thunderstorms and strong winds in the region for the weekend. “Today was a day full of meetings here between the team. Supposedly the day of departure was in the plans, but due to the rain we decided not to leave today. Keep your eyes open. The team was in a meeting today, trying to figure out what other places might need us,” start.

And he continued: “We also talked to people from Rio Grande do Sul and now they are more prepared, they managed to get people out before anything happened. This is what we received, but we don’t have all the information.”

New beginnings!

Pedro Scooby asked people to continue donating. “I didn’t do a vakinha because I think my job was to save. It’s something I know, I know how to do. I will never be able to explain in words, or videos or photos, what I saw here. The phrase I feel more When I get closer, ‘it feels like the end of the world’ But I don’t think it’s the end of the world, it’s a new beginning and people come out stronger from new beginnings”,. He said.

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