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A fan invades Wanessa Camargo’s show and chants insults at Davi

The singer did her first show after appearing on BBB24 and had to deal with a tight skirt

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Wanessa Camargo brought together friends, family and almost the entire cast of BBB24 to celebrate his return to the stage after the reality show in a nightclub on the evening of Friday 10th in Sao Paulo. However, he found himself having to deal with a huge mess after a fan invaded the stage and the audience started cursing world champion attraction Davi Brito.

“Hey, Davi, go fuck yourself,” the audience shouted. Wanessa Camargo tried to calm things down and signaled to stop the insults.

“Let me tell you something, this is about us. It’s about our history, that’s all. I truly appreciate your affection, your respect, for never letting go of my hand at any time. I know you know who I am, I’m 23,” she replied.

Wanessa was expelled BBB24 for attacking David. During the reality show the two were rivals and the singer was accused of racism. Outside the program, she apologized and stated that she would try to learn more about structural racism.

Wanessa Camargo poses with her BBB24 buddies

The fan even asked to sing a song with Wanessa and ended up booed by the audience: “Just a minute. I apologize to you, I’m not a kidnapper. He was then removed from the stage by security guards.

Source: Terra

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