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Mara Maravilha criticizes Xuxa after being hit during an awards ceremony: “See list of disgraces”

The presenter did not like the pun made by the Queen of Baixinhos during an event in Rio de Janeiro

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Is it “Xuxavilha” or Maravilha? This play on words was responsible for the new controversy between Mara Maravilha and Xuxa. The presenter did not like the joke made by Rainha dos Baixinhos during the Award for Racial Equality, in Rio de Janeiro, and she criticized the former world actress.

During the event, the master of ceremonies said to Xuxa: “Wonderful, then,” who replied: “Xuxavilha. Wonderful, isn’t it!” The two have had political disagreements in recent years.

On social media, Mara published a video of the moment and wrote a “textão” against Xuxa. “Try to actually evolve and review the attitudes as you state in your speech [mas logo em seguida continua a desdenhar do ‘maravilha’]because your list of misfortunes is long,” he wrote.

Mara also mentioned Xuxa’s controversies: “Controversial films, which try to diverge the word from the Bible, especially you who in the past had a relationship with the greatest spiritual charlatan, João de Deus.”

And he concluded by talking about the political disagreements of the Queen of Shorties. “Political polarization? And your late sister, my namesake Mara… Damares, Marajó, Galisteu, Zambelli, Andréia Sorvetão, Marlene Mattos, Leonardo Zoltz… However, reflect a lot on your past, say no to hypocrisy and try to be a wonderful gaúcha. I liked you so much… does “humble” combine with “humble”? I do not think so! Let’s respect each other because no one deserves this degradation. Out of respect for our public, for the suffering of the people of Rio Grande do Sul, I propose to you: let’s try to be WONDERFUL,” she concluded.

Source: Terra

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