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Amid legal disputes, Gugu’s children take a photo with Rose Miriam on Mother’s Day

The presenter’s legacy has been the cause of family disputes in recent years; The meeting took place on the occasion of the graduation of João Augusto, the eldest son of the presenter

Rosa Miriammother of children In Gugu Freedpublished a series of photos together with the three: John Augustus, Marina and Sofia. Recently, the family has been involved in legal disputes over the inheritance of the presenter.

The photos were taken on the occasion of the graduation of João, her eldest son, in “business administration with a specialization in communications”, according to her. “Dad was not present physically, but spiritually very happy with this result!”, she said, referring to Gugu.

“I have to thank God very much for this result! João is very happy! Now a door opens so that he can walk peacefully, always moving forward, with God in his heart”, concluded Rose Miriam.

Understanding the case regarding Gugu’s inheritance

In his will, Gugu did not recognize Rose Miriam as a cohabitant and named his sister, Aparecida Liberato, responsible for taking care of his estate (assets divided among the heirs), which would go to his children.

Rose asked for the union to be recognized and received support from her twin daughters Sofia and Marina Liberato. João, however, took his aunt’s side and said that he wanted to respect his father’s wishes, causing a family impasse. In July, the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) unanimously validated the will left by Gugu Liberato.

Mother and son, however, have publicly demonstrated that they continue to get along, as demonstrated by the images published today and a recent message she sent to João during the Sunday with Huck rrecently.

Source: Terra

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