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Will Through My Window continue on Netflix?

If you’re a fan of the Through My Window saga, you may be wondering whether or not the story will have a sequel. Find out what listed on Netflix’s Through My Window and what we know about a possible sequel.

What is the Through My Window saga about?

Raquel narrates the plot. She tells the story of a young woman who has a secret crush on Ares Hidalgo. Ares is the middle brother of a family of millionaire heirs, linked to Alpha 3, the largest business group in Barcelona. Raquel knows everything about Ares. However, one day, Ares discovers his fixation with him and they begin a dangerous relationship, full of ups and downs.

In the second film, Aras and Raquel show how their relationship, now marked by distance, works. Ares moved to Stockholm to study medicine, leaving Raquel in Barcelona. Meanwhile, they struggle to maintain their connection while also trying to focus on their dreams and studies. And from the recently released third film, the story takes new directions now that Raquel and Ares remain separated due to their differences in thoughts and dreams. However, a reunion in Barcelona ends up bringing the couple together.

Will Through My Window have a sequel?

The answer to this question can be quite challenging and sad. According to what was stated by the creator of the work, Marçal Forés, it seems that he had foreseen that the story would last exactly three films. Therefore, forcing the continuation of the plot would be meaningless, as it becomes clear that the main goals, such as Raquel finally publishing her first book, have already been achieved. Furthermore, other matters proceeded normally.

With a satisfying ending, Ares and Raquel have an ending that proves there is no continuation of the saga. (Image: Netflix)

In the third chapter of the saga, Raquel and Ares finally meet again, five years after the beginning of their love story. They end up living together, marking an interesting and plausible ending to the plot. Thus they conclude the romantic saga they experienced as the main characters of the story.

While Clara Galle and Julio Peña have reached the conclusion of their stories, indicating the end and the time to move on with their lives. Peña already has a new film in the works and will take part in the spin-off La Casa de Papel, Berlin. Netflix has announced the renewal of this for a second season. This makes it difficult for the director to commit to another film in the Through My Window saga. However, it is worth waiting for the scenes of the next chapters of this issue.

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