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Pedro Henrique breaks the South American javelin record

Brazil concluded the Ibero-American Athletics Championship, obtaining a new continental record. On Sunday evening (12), Pedro Henrique Nunes set a new milestone in the javelin throw and became the champion of the event. Furthermore, Almir Júnior also distinguished himself by ratifying the Olympic index in the triple jump and becoming the new championship record holder. The country has also won numerous podiums.


Pedro Henrique Nunes was the big name of the evening. The Amazonian broke the South American javelin throw record by winning the gold medal. In his last attempt, Pedro shot 85.11 m and surpassed the 84.70 m achieved by Paraguayan Edgar Bauman in 1999.

Furthermore, Pedro Henrique Nunes was also very close to reaching the Olympic index of the event, which is 85.50m. Luiz Maurício Dias won the bronze medal in the event scoring 82.02 m. Silver went to Portuguese Leandro Ramos, who clocked 83.09 metres.

RC for Almir

Another highlight of the final day was Almir Júnior’s gold medal in the triple jump. With 13.31 meters on his third attempt, the Brazilian set his new best score of the season and ratified the Olympic mark achieved last year. Furthermore, he set a new record in the Ibero-American race. Cuban Andy Hechavarria (16.93) and Colombian Geiner Moreno (16.54 m) completed the podium with silver and bronze respectively. Kauam Aleixo clocked 16.25m and finished in 5th place.

Gold in the 4×400 and 1500

Brazil also took the top step of the podium with Thiago André in the 1500 metres. He took the lead from the start and slowed down in the final meters to win comfortably, clocking 3:39.60. Victor Ortiz, of Puerto Rico, won silver in 3’40’65, while Spain’s Carlos Saez won bronze with a time of 3’41’07. Another Brazilian in the race, Guilherme Kurtz ran 3 minutes 46 seconds 59 and finished in 7th place. In the women’s version of the race, July Ferreira da Silva placed 4th.

Brazil remained in the women’s 4×400 relay. The quartet of Anny de Bassi, Victoria Sena, Jainy Barreto and Letícia Lima clocked 3:30.72 to win gold. Ecuador and Chile complete the podium. In the men’s category, the team missed out on Matheus Lima and Lucas Vilar and finished in 6th place.

More medals

Brazilian double in the men’s high jump. Thiago Moura won the silver medal by jumping 2.20m Fernando Ferreira took bronze with 2.15m. Gold went to Mexican Edgar Rivera, who achieved the same score as Thiago, but with one fewer attempt.

In the women’s javelin throw, Jucilene Sales de Lima won the silver medal with 62.31 m. Colombian Flor Ruiz won the title with 66.70 m. Uruguayan Manuela Rotundo completed the podium with 61.84 metres. Laila Ferrer and Silva placed 7th, with a score of 52.24m.

In the women’s 100m hurdles, Ketiley Batista won silver by completing the distance in 13s22. The gold medal went to Puerto Rican Paola Vasquez, who clocked 13.03, while the bronze went to Spain’s Paula Balanquer, who clocked 13.33.


Ana Azevedo took bronze in the women’s 200 meters, clocking 23.31. Ecuador achieved a double on the podium with Aimara Nazareno (23.07) and Gabriela Suarez (23.20) taking gold and silver respectively. Lorraine Martins ran 23s48s and finished in sixth place. With 20s50 Erik Cardoso also took third place in the men’s race. Juan Ciampitti (20s48) and the Dominican Jose Gonzales (20s27).

In the heptathlon, Tamara Alexandrino de Sousa won bronze after scoring 5,617 points. The champion was Colombian Martha Araujo who scored 6,274 points, while the silver medal went to Mexican Lilian Borja, who scored 5,637 points. In the pole vault, Lucas Pedro managed to reach 5.25 m and he won the same medal. Aleix Pi and Isidro Leyva, both from Spain, won gold and silver by clocking 5.45 metres.

Morning podiums

This Sunday morning at the Ibero-American Athletics Championships, Brazil won gold medals in the women’s and men’s 4×100 meter relays. Gabriela Mourão, Ana Azevedo, Lorraine Martins and Vitória Rosa clocked 43.54 to take the title. Among the men, Felipe Bardi, Erik Cardoso, Vinícius Rocha and Rodrigo Nascimento clocked 39 seconds and 19 and took the top step of the podium.

Eduardo de Deus and Rafael Pereira did a double in the 110 hurdles. Eduardo won gold with 13.24, while Rafael won silver with 13.35. Kevin Sanchez, from Spain, completed the podium with 13.43 seconds. Fabio Jesus Correia took silver in the road race by completing the 10km in 30 minutes and 6 seconds.

Source: Terra

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