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Ticiane Pinheiro: ‘I have always been inspired by my mother, she is my idol!’; read the testimony

The presenter participates in the special “Estadão” for Mother’s Day; see the full report

Ticiane Pinheiro AND Raffaella Giusto are some of the personalities participating in the special Mother’s Day of Estadao. The report asked artists, singers and writers to share lessons or advice they received from their mothers. Watch the full special here.

The presenter is the daughter of Helô Pinheiro, the “Girl from Ipanema”, and her daughter has also been immersed in the world of fame since she was young, already having around 2 million followers on her Instagram. The two talked about the importance of her mother in their lives.

Testimony by Rafaella Pinheiro Justus

“My mother is the greatest pride I have in life. I am proud of the woman she is, of the brilliant career she has built and of the mother, friend, on whom I can count at all times. She teaches me every day to be ‘Poliana’ [risos], seeing the good side in everything, but its authenticity is one of the lessons that best represents the teachings I have received. With her I learned the true meaning of the words honesty and transparency. I apply these values ​​to everything I decide to do.”

Testimony by Ticiane Pinheiro

I have always been inspired by my mother, she is my idol! An example of a hardworking, warrior woman, with a beautiful life story, without scandals. She inspires me every day to seek the best in myself, to always give priority to a positive attitude in the face of challenges. For as long as I can remember, she has been my example of empowerment and vitality, and her story encourages me to embrace every stage of life with enthusiasm.

I learn a lot from her, but, without a doubt, the values ​​I carry with me are honesty, integrity, responsibility and doing good for others. Every step my mother takes reminds me that success is not just a matter of applause and praise, but of tireless dedication to one’s principles and willingness to overcome challenges.

When I started my professional career, I wanted to go to journalism school because of her, I wanted to go to television because of her. This inspiration is a true treasure in my life, I am grateful every day to have someone as special as her by my side.

Source: Terra

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