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Rafa Kalimann reveals miscarriage: ‘Deep and difficult pain’

The actress took advantage of Mother’s Day to publish an outburst on her social networks about what happened in the last few days

The model and actress Rafa Kalimann revealed that he had undergone a maladministration recently in a rant posted on her Instagram this Sunday, 12. Currently, the actress is dating actor Allan Souza Lima.

“In these last days I have experienced an emptiness, a huge pain. I think this video will surprise even the people closest to me. Many women go through it, I just don’t understand when they say it’s normal. Because this pain is not very deep, difficult to digest and I don’t know if it can be cured,” he said.

Rafa Kalimann also underlined: “The dream of becoming a mother is very alive in me. The pain is very recent. I had a miscarriage and I came here to hug and be hugged by and for many women.”

Rafa also appeared on video reading the letter he wrote when he learned of the abortion, and highlighted “the hardest read of all.” “On Mother’s Day, a big hug. I’m here for all of us who have lost our children, we are mothers too.”

“There has been an emptiness in my body in these last days. I wrote this letter the night before with the medical certainty of no longer feeling it beating inside me after the overwhelming and euphoric joy of its possible existence, of the realization of my dream bigger,” he said.

Check out the video below where the actress talks about her miscarriage.

Rafa Kalimann has reported miscarriages in the past

When she attended BBB 20, the model told her friends that she had a similar experience when she was around 19: “When I had a abortion, I remember arriving and feeling really bad about everything. As I lay on the stretcher, I remember the doctor’s face. He looked at me and my tears fell, there was no expression of despair, there was just one tear for all the pain I felt.”

Source: Terra

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