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Davi denies hostilities in Rio Grande do Sul and explains why he returned to Bahia

The champion of Big Brother Brasil 24 fights fake news and strengthens his commitment to the victims of the floods in southern Brazil

“BBB 24” champion Davi Brito has denied rumors that he suffered harassment in Rio Grande do Sul, where he participated in volunteer activities to help victims of recent floods. The former app driver said he had been well received by local people and planned to return this week to continue helping. He returned to Salvador, Bahia, just this weekend to spend Mother’s Day with his mother.

Clarifications and future plans

Davi took to his social media to clarify the situation and express his frustration with fake news. “The Internet must stop [com o hate]“Brazil must stop,” Davi said. “The haters, instead of posting there: ‘Let’s help Rio Grande do Sul,’ which is in need, take it and do it.” [falar mal de quem tá ajudando]”. He emphasized: “Just go there in person to see [a situação]. Houses under water, dogs on roofs, people asking for help, okay? So, people need to stop and go and help. I came to Salvador just to see my mother, but I will return on Wednesday.”

In his life, he complained that many try to distort his efforts. “I came home just to see my mother and people posted saying that I was being harassed. Liars, the people of Rio Grande do Sul welcomed me very well,” he said, underlining the welcome received and the gratitude expressed by the inhabitants of the area in your social networks

Indeed, Davi also faced heavy criticism, but overall received a positive reception from the community.

Racial issues

She said she faces demands and feels a difference in treatment compared to other participants on the reality show, linking this to racial issues. “It’s hard to see black people here with a good car, a good apartment, a nice house, swimming in the pool. People don’t like that. If it was a white guy who won the BBB, which he had where I am, no one would say anything,” he commented.

Transparency in donations

In addition to addressing these issues, Davi also informed his followers about the management of donations received for flood victims. He asked them to no longer send contributions to his personal Pix while he was out of Rio Grande do Sul, ensuring that he would be responsible for all resources used. “I will show the invoices of everything that was purchased with the money from the donations,” he promised, reinforcing his commitment to transparency and ethics in the use of the funds raised.

Source: Terra

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