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190 m2 apartment with pantry area with blue wall and orange chairs

The project, designed by Escala Arquitetura, used natural materials and points of color to create an informal and welcoming atmosphere.

A couple with three children purchased this 190 m² apartment and decided to renovate it and redecorate every room before moving in.

For this mission, the architects Carolina Escada and Patricia Landau, of the studio Architecture in scale. “The clients wanted a kitchen integrated into the living room, functional and welcoming spaces to welcome friends and family, a large double suite and two comfortable bedrooms for the children,” says Patricia.

To satisfy the couple’s requests, the original project underwent some changes. The toilet, for example, was moved to expand the kitchen area, which was integrated into the living room, and a spacious pantry was created to welcome the whole family, especially the children, on a daily basis.


The usable bedroom area of ​​the couple’s suite was also expanded with the elimination of a small closet existing and now has a larger bathroom. “We decided to keep the original social bathroom to share between the two children’s rooms”, informs Carolina.


“With the renovation, all social areas of the apartment began to be integrated sequentially: entrance, living room and have lunch, Kitchen AND TV room“, adds partner Patricia.


Overall, the project sought to informal atmosphere throughout the apartment. As for the furniture, practically everything is new, with the exception of the old bar cart in the room (positioned next to the exposed concrete pillar), the large yellow painting by the artist Marcelo Solá, the carpet and the armchair in the room TV, coming from the residents’ old apartment.


Among the new furniture, in a contemporary style, the architects highlight the Água coffee table, by designer Domingos Tótora (already at the top of the clients’ wish list) and the pair of Costela armchairs, a Martin Eisler classic from the 1950s, upholstered in caramel leather to add a touch of refinement to the environment.

The colors regularly appear in the decorations, in the works of art and in some furniture, such as the 1950s armchair, designed by Zanine Caldas (upholstered in terracotta fabric), and the Tubo chair (upholstered in blue bic fabric), designed by Guilherme Wenz.


The cup has acquired stronger and bolder colors, with blue walls AND chairs with orange fabric seatbecoming a unique and very welcoming corner.


In terms of “colour palette, materials and finishes”, the architects opted for a neutral basecomposed of light walls and natural materials, such as wood, raw granite, cotton, linen, leather, fiber and concrete. “We covered the kitchen walls with wooden planks. rustic granite and we extend the material to the room”, informs Carolina.


Another highlight of the project are the hollow wooden sliding doors, reminiscent of muxarabis, installed between the living room and the kitchen. “These are robust and high-impact elements that offer the possibility of isolating spaces without completely sealing them. We used the same resource in front of the living room bookcase as a solution for camouflage two mini cellars“, concludes architect Patricia Landau.

Check out all the photos in the gallery below!

Source: Terra

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