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Three years ago Maya Massafera shared her desire to be a little girl: ‘I suffered’

Maya Massafera is a trans woman undergoing sexual reassignment procedures

Maya Massafera revealed her gender transition and feminization journey on social media. In 2020, the fashion producer had already expressed her desire for sexual change in a YouTube video.

“When I was a child, if they asked me: ‘How do you want to return to Earth’. I would choose to go back to being a girl, because I never saw myself in a male world. I suffered a lot in my childhood and adolescence”shared.

And he continued: “I couldn’t tell my parents, because they also thought it was wrong then. Today they understand (…) I haven’t died for a while”he vented.

Sharing her first images after the transition, Maya Massafera impressed Internet users. The YouTuber posted a series of photos showing her new look after cosmetic and surgical procedures.

Look at the pictures!

Check out this photo on Instagram

A post shared by Maya Massafera (@mayamassafera)

Source: Terra

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