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MC Binn’s mother says the singer’s ex-girlfriend wanted him to choose between the two of them

MC Binn and Mariza have a close relationship and the two also talk about relationships

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The love between mother and son is indestructible! At least this is the case of the Bahian shepherd Mariza Ventura Is he your son MC Binn. She even had an ex-girlfriend who asked the singer to choose between the two.

In a newspaper interview Extra, Mariza revealed that for her the girl’s attitude was racist. ”He dated a girl for a long time. And she told him to choose between me and her, because I’m black’‘he began.

” ‘I said: “Bi, if you want I’ll move, I want to see you happy.” And he: “Absolutely not! You are everything to me, my best friend”remembers the shepherd.

Jealous mother

The heir replied: ”My mother is jealous of me, that’s the truth. But I really want to start a family. A swallow does not make summer alone”explains Binn who said that “he would meet an interesting person there”.

Source: Terra

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