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The day Jon Bon Jovi called Shania Twain his ‘spiritual sister’

In mid-2018, Jon Bon Jovi asked his friend Shania Twain for advice when he was undergoing treatment for vocal cord problems.

A duo of singers from the same generation who had considerable international success, Jon Bon Jovi It is Shania Twain They have a great relationship, and the artist even called her his “spiritual sister” on one occasion.

During an interview with People, Bon Jovi commented on how he began to describe Twain this way after she helped him with problems with his vocal cords, something the singer had previously dealt with in his musical career.

“It just warms my heart,” she said when asked about being the music star’s “spiritual sister.” “It’s a very special bond because there are very few singers who have ever had this nerve damage. It’s not a typical singer problem.”

Furthermore, in the documentary series Thank You, Goodnight: The Bon Jovi Story, Bon Jovi revealed how his vocal cord problems began in 2015. About three years later, he asked for advice from Shania Twainbecause I knew how she underwent the vocal fold medialization procedure.

“I didn’t ask John how the [cordas vocais dele] were damaged. We just discussed my process. I shared my experience with him, and before he took the plunge, I just shared the best I could without influencing him in any way,” said the singer. “I didn’t go that deep. We talked about it in a personal way, but I didn’t ask for any real details.”

I can only share mine with you anyway. There would be no way I could maintain a single career with that damage, and nerves don’t recover. You can do a lot to compensate for physiology, and I did that for a year,” he added. Jon Bon Jovi.

Source: Rollingstone

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